What does ‘Ergodic’ mean?

I would like to start the blog by answering the first question that comes to mind,”What the hell does ‘ergodic’ mean?”

Relating to or denoting systems or processes with the property that, given sufficient time, they include or impinge on all points in a given space and can be represented statistically by a reasonably large selection of points.

For many people,the answer raises more questions than the questions it answers.Putting the mathematical jargon aside,in simpler terms,it’s the system or process which. with time, covers or touches each point in a given space.

In even simpler terms,it’s randomness.

And it perfectly defines this blog as this blog isn’t about a particular subject or topic,it’s about books,philosophy,ideas,maths,psychology,economics,paintings,personalities and anything that I find interesting.

But one thing that would remain constant n this blog is that each and every single post will be interesting and fun to explore, do not take my word for it,see for yourself.Enjoy the ride.


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